Best 10 IP teams

Adventure of  Truth Warrior

Adventure of Truth Warrior is a “Real World connection via virtual adventure. Education through Entertainment” transmedia (game,comics and light novel) project aiming at teenagers’ social skills developement and in-depth Hong Kong discovery.

Master of Disaster

Master of Disaster is about the protagonist’s determination to prevent the destruction of earth from his enemies, a new generation of Hong Kong comic that thrills the audience with disasters, sci-fi, heroism and magic.

Touchdown: Armor League

Touchdown: Armor League is a fast-paced competitive PC game where American Football meets action arena shooter. Players equip fully armored power suits and fight for control of the ball in an intense online 6 vs 6 arena. Make daring saves, obliterate your opponents, and score the winning Touchdown! Power suits, weapons, and rocket launchers — its American Football like you’ve never seen before.

Monster Arena

It is 1898. Monster fighting in the enchanted arenas has become a popular entertainment. The mania of this thrilling sport has swept over every single corner on Earth. The brave Monster Slayers’ unstoppable pursuit of great wealth and sparkling glory tramples over any evil trick or scheme. It’s time to conquer the Arena!


The Amgine, is a mobile action game that the player is required to defend the cyber world, the main character has been nominated to destroy the viruses and to save the invaded core module of the cyber world, the Amgine system. In the game, the main character will discover the mysterious conspiracy behind the cyber world.

Blue Tea College

A 2.5 dimensional creative IP focusing on dating simulation gaming. Through multi-platform interactions such as social media events and product campaigns, our goal is to build an intimate relationship with gamers, and provide them with an extraordinary romance experience between virtuality and reality.


Let’s imagine you are listening to a broadcast radio. Noise and glitch will appear when your channel frequency is not fit. You need to keep tuning the frequency in order to find the best signal of your target channel. It is exactly same as the journey of relationship-matching.

The Bridge Among Them

“If everyone turns into buildings after they die, and if the buildings they are becoming is a reflection of what they have done in the past, what will I be when I die? “


Apopia is a story-oriented adventure game that inspires positive living. In a post-apocalyptic world, Mai lost her family. On her way to find them, Mai encounters interesting fellows with all characters, each with own problems like Mai. With both joyful and tragic experiences along the journey, they realize everyone can choose to live kindly no matter their past.


Hugus is an interactive device for people who are separated by distance. Countdown function for reunion would be activated and continued by sending a drawing to the partner per day. Re-designed mini games are also available for maintaining freshness of relationships.


極限裝甲聯賽 金獎
哈格斯 銀獎Silver
污托邦 銅獎
大災難師 優異獎
真實勇者 最具團隊精神獎
藍茶高校 最佳表現獎