Programme Name

“Hong Kong Ani-Com& Games Intellectual Property Awards”
“Hong Kong Ani-Com& Games Entrepreneurship Programme”

Programme background and objectives

On this special occasion of 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Act Plus Education Foundation would like to present a gift to the youth in Hong Kong by launching the First Youth Development Scheme with a focus on Hong Kong Ani-Com & Games Intellectual, with support of Entrepreneurship Matching Fund under Youth Development Fund, Commission on Youth and Home Affairs Bureau.

ACG+ Capital, refers to the brand name of the programme, consists of two parts, “Hong Kong Ani-Com& Games Intellectual Property Awards” and “Hong Kong Ani-Com& Games Entrepreneurship Programme”, invites teenagers with great talents and creativity to join and build Hong Kong as the capital in Animation, Comics and Games. On the other hands, youth can use their potential and abilities to build Hong Kong as a vibrant city full of rich capital in the future.

Our Missions
The missions of the programme are to:
– Unite Hong Kong and Asian young talents, and find new Animation, Comics and Games brands with high potential
– Assist young talents to cultivate entrepreneurship skills and establish sustainable start-ups
– Nurture Animation, Comics and Games Brands to grow sustainably
– Develop Animation, Comics and Games brands eco-system with collaborations of industry leaders and partners
– Promote Animation, Comics and Games brands awareness among young people in Hong Kong and encourage their creativity and innovation

Applicants need to create and develop Intellectual Property (IP) in area of Animation, Comics and Games, and its plan to commercialize the IP, develop related consumer products and services and establish a start-up with good business potential. Applicants should also submit detail information of your team members.

Prizes and Grants

“Hong Kong Ani-Com& Games Entrepreneurship Programme”

For the top 10 winners

  • HK$400,000.00 Grant as Start Up Fund
  • HK$50,000.00 loan
  • 9 months Incubation Programme

“Hong Kong Ani-Com& Games Intellectual Property Awards”

  • Gold (one winner) HK$100,000.00 and trophy
  • Silver (one winner) HK$60,000.00 and trophy
  • Bronze (one winner) HK$30,000.00 and trophy
  • Excellence (one winner) HK$20,000.00 and trophy
  • Six Professional Awards HK$5,000.00 and trophy each
    1. Best Presenter
    2. Best Team Spirit
    3. Best Proposal
    4. Best Design
    5. Best Creative
    6. Best Innovation and Technology


Act Plus Education Foundation Ltd. is a non-profit making organization founded by a team of professionals in year 2012. Act Plus Education Foundation Ltd. aims to provide innovative education programme, vocational support training and lifelong planning for teenagers from underprivileged families. We especially focus on developing creativity and technical skills in computer grahics / animation industry for Hong Kong teenagers in order to build up their potential in creative industry. Apart from providing various trainings to teenagers, Act Plus Education Foundation Ltd. also equips them with proficient communication skills in particular English presentation skills. As poverty issue is severe in Hong Kong and youths from underprivileged families are facing numerous problems regarding their career development, we aim to provide support to Hong Kong youths with priority serving those from underprivileged families. We hope to inspire teenagers with positive thinking attitude and pursue lifelong learning ; gather youth’s forces and spirit to build a community of equality, care and harmony.

Organization Members
Mr. David Chu

Dr. Philemon Choi
Vice Chairman

Mr. Steven Yung
Board member

Mr. Sunny Tang
Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Jen Lu
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Yeung Chi Kong
Social Entreprise Project Advisors

Mr. Howard Ling
Social Entreprise Project Advisors

Mr. Paul Lo
Social Entreprise Project Advisors